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The Reproduce of Jiang Te Ren - Badminton Tournament

In order to promote the spirit of solidarity and cooperation among the company's employees, Jiangya Company held the first employee badminton friendly competition on June 4 and June 2, 2018 at Lingge Badminton Stadium in Jiangyin City. The employees of all departments and workshops of the company actively participated.

In the arena, the usual serious work clothes were replaced with lightweight sportswear。 The rigorously working colleagues turned into dynamic athletes。 I saw all kinds of elites showing their style, showing high-ball, smashing, smashing, dribbling, and other techniques。 The white ball flies through the air。 Do not have a landscape! The audience cheered and applause。 After a round of fierce competition, the result of the competition was: Comrade Chen Guixiang of the Quality Inspection Division won the first place for women, and Comrade Guo Yu of the company’s office won the second place for women。 In the men's final on June 2nd, Comrade Sun Xiaofeng of the first workshop won the first place, and Comrade Gu Yunkuan of the Technical Center won the second place。 Comrade Tong Jun of the Technical Center won the third place。 After the competition, the trade union awarded prizes to the winners and sent participation prizes to the participants。

 The competition not only enriched the amateur cultural life of the employees, but also fully displayed the positive, healthy, and up-to-date mental outlook of the company's employees, spurred the hard work spirit, solidarity, and competitive awareness of the employees, as well as for all badminton sports enthusiasts. Provides an opportunity to enhance friendship, exchange ideas, and learn skills.

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