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First, the service commitment

1, the national unified consultation, repair, complaints service hotline 0510-86993170, providing 365 days hotline service.

2. During the process of using our company's products, if you find any defects in the product's structural performance, manufacturing quality, parts and required accessories, packaging and transportation, etc., as well as problems encountered in actual use, Please contact our company in time. Our professional after-sales staff will provide technical support in the form of email, fax, and telephone. Before using the product, please read carefully the main points of the product instructions.

Second, the whole machine and its main components "three guarantees" validity period

According to the national "Three Guarantees" regulation, consumers can enjoy free three packs of business after valid certificates and confirmation by after-sales personnel within the period of validity of "Three Guarantees" and within the scope of "Three Guarantees" responsibility.

Third Validity of "Three Guarantees" and "Three Guarantees"

Calculation of "Three Guarantees" Validity Period

According to the relevant national laws and regulations, the "three guarantees" validity period of Jiangyin gearbox products is calculated as follows:

1, conventional products leave the factory for 18 months or use one year

2, other non-standard products, subject to the contents of the two parties' technical agreement

"Three Guarantees" valid certificate

After the failure of the product in the “three guarantees” period, consumers must enjoy free repair service with purchase invoices or product package repairs. When enjoying free repair services, the repaired product number is the same as the product number on the repair slip. Must be consistent. If there is any missing vouchers, our company's after-sales service department can carry out "Three Guarantees" certification service for the products according to the customer's effective information.

Fourth、 The scope of free repair does not fall within the three-guarantee period

According to the “Regulations on the Responsibility of Certain Goods for Repair, Replacement, and Return”, if one of the following circumstances is met, the “Three Guarantees” will not be implemented, but the charges can be repaired:

1。 Damage caused by improper use, maintenance and storage by consumers;

2. Failure or damage to the product's unauthorized transformation, disassembly, or assembly;

3, no three guarantees and valid invoices;

4, the three packs of voucher models and repair product models do not match or altered;

5, damaged due to irresistible force。

Fifth、 Fees beyond the "three guarantees" period

In the "three guarantees" period and within the "three guarantees" scope of responsibility, consumers enjoy free maintenance services with valid invoices. If it exceeds the "three guarantees" validity period or the "three guarantees" responsibility scope, it shall be charged according to the charging standard.

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