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Jiangyin Gearbox Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a backbone enterprise with more than 30 years of history (formerly state-owned Jiangyin Gearbox Factory) specializing in R&D, manufacturing and sales of hardened gearboxes, and is a leading company in the domestic industry. Association governing unit.

The company is located in Jiangyin, a Jiangnan Water Town with convenient transportation and rich culture。 The company has a registered capital of 90 million RMB, an area of 86,700 square meters, a production plant of 42,000 square meters, and 500 employees, including more than 100 engineers and technicians。 In 1999, the company passed the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification, and has two registered trademarks of “Jiangzuo” and “Duoling”。 Among them, “Duoling” brand gearbox has passed the National Gear Quality Inspection Center and Jiangsu for many consecutive years。 The Provincial Bureau of Technical Supervision was selected as the first-class product, and the brand name of Wuxi City was awarded the title of "Duoling" brand rubber and plastic reducer。

Jiangyin Gearbox Manufacturing Co., Ltd. mainly sells all kinds of hard tooth gear reducer machines and accessories. The company's main hardened gear reducer machine includes general-purpose gear reducer, rubber machinery reducer, loading and unloading machinery decelerator, metallurgical machinery decelerator and other non-standard reducer.

Universal gear reducer

TY Series Coaxial Hardened Gear Reducers, Hardened Gear Reducers for QY Series Cranes, ZJY Series High Load Capacity Shaft Mounted Reducers, DBY Series Hardened Face Conical Cylindrical Gear Reducers, ZDY Series Hardened Cylindrical Columns Gear reducer, B series high-power reducer, P series planetary gear reducer, K series helical gear-bevel gear reducer;

Rubber Machinery Reducer

Reducer for single-screw rubber extruder, reducer for parallel twin-screw extruder, reducer for counter-rotating twin-screw extruder, reducer for conical twin-screw extruder, and plastic and rubber calender Reducer, reducer for plastics and rubber mixers, reducer for plastics and rubber mills, special reducer for plastic and rubber kneading machines (single feed and single output), rubber auxiliary machine, special reducer for biaxial tablet press, rubber Under the auxiliary machine double shaft extruder special reducer;

Speed reducer for loading and unloading machinery

Stacker reclaimer slewing reducer, portal crane slewing reducer,

Bucket Wheel Reactor Reactor Bucket Wheel Reducer, PDR Series Differential Planetary Ship Unloader Gearbox, Portal Crane Hoisting Reducer;

Metal Gear Reducer

LJJ series tension reducer reducer, rolling mill reducer, coiler gear reducer

Other non-standard speed reducers

Mixer special reducer, JPJ series multi-roller leveler special reducer, large cylindrical gear reducer。

In order to guarantee the excellent quality of products, the company has introduced various processing and testing equipments with international advanced level from the first-class equipment manufacturers at home and abroad in recent years. The company's existing German Hofer company HELIX400 type, RAPID1250 type, RAPID1600/2000 type, Qinchuan YK7332 and other numerical control molding grinding wheel grinding machine multiple, and a CNC machining center, large CNC gear hobbing machine, large CNC boring mill, CNC Trampoline, large vertical lathes and other processing equipment. The company also introduced a large well gas carburizing furnace production line and a multi-furnace production line. And equipped with a comprehensive gear measuring instrument, the whole test bench, metallographic microscope, micro-hardness tester, ultrasonic flaw detector and other perfect testing and testing equipment.

The company has established a mechanical transmission research institute that brings together professional and technical elites, and is committed to providing customers with first-rate gear transmission equipment based on continuous R&D investment. The ZLYJ single-screw extruder gearbox and SZ-cone twin-screw extruder gearbox developed by the company have become the standard products approved by the domestic industry. At present, the company's products are widely used in metallurgy, mining, ports, building materials, rubber and plastics, petrochemicals, water conservancy and other fields, and have entered various provinces, cities and autonomous regions except Tibet, and some of them are exported abroad.

The company is in line with the business philosophy of "integrity, innovation, quality, team" and the business philosophy of "keep improving, constantly meet customer needs", with rapid product development, delivery, reasonable prices, good after-sales service, for the user Supporting comprehensive services. The company is willing to cooperate sincerely with our customers to build a better future!

Company front door view


A corner of the factory


A corner of the factory

Company culture

Our core values

Integrity, innovation, quality, team

Our mission

Make our products and services superior in value and recognized by our customers

Maintain continuous competitiveness through our outstanding staff and procedures

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